What Type of Tickets Should I Get – Step 4

There are many types of tickets available for attending Walt Disney World. The first is the basic length of stay pass. These tickets are good for 1-10 days from the moment you check in to midnight on the day you check out of your hotel. You may also choose to change the days of your ticket depending on what you think your park usage may be. If you are staying at the hotels you do not need to get length of stay passes. You can choose any number of days you wish to have your passes for. The longer you stay and choose passes for the less they charge per day. These tickets are good for one park each day. Whatever park you enter first is the only park that the ticket is good for during that day. If you went to Animal Kingdom in the morning and decided you wanted to go to Epcot at night with the basic non-park hopper tickets you could not without buying another ticket.

You can add Park Hopper to your basic tickets for a fee. Park hoppers allow you to move from park to park within one day without having to buy another ticket. This is great for families on the dining plan (we will cover this in Step 4) who wish to eat in one park and spend most of the day in another. For families looking to save some money having just the basic tickets and planning your time well can really save some money depending on the size of your party and the length of your passes from $50 to over $250.

There is also a Water Park Fun & More Option that can be added to the base ticket package for a fee. This would allow you access to the water parks, Disney Quest at Downtown Disney and Disney’s Wide World of Sports Complex. Again, for those looking to save money unless you are going to use this option you may wish to opt out.

You may also choose an option for your tickets not to expire. Meaning that if you do not use all the days on your tickets you pay a fee so that if you go back any time in the future you do not lose any days that may remain on your ticket. This is only advantageous if you pay less than what the leftover days would cost to add this feature. So if it costs $400 to add this to your tickets but you only have one day remaining at the end of your stay those tickets may only cost you $275. This would not be advantageous for you as you would have overspent $125.

You may also choose an Annual Passport with or without the Water Park addition. If you are planning on touring the park for more than 10 days this is your best option. For those who wish to save some money and are planning a return trip within the year this may be the way to go. Annual Passports are good for one year from the date they are first used. You may activate your passport on January 12, 2009 and it will be valid through midnight on January 11, 2010. If you plan carefully and want to only go on one trip to Walt Disney World a year you could go on one the second week in January and next year go the first week in January to take advantage of your Annual Passports. Special room rates are often offered to Annual Passholders. There are special rates available for Florida residents.


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