The Rest of the Land and Imagination Pavilion

Trip Report – December 7, 2008

After lunch we we went on The Living with the Land boat ride. Neither child had been on this before so we thought this was going to be a really great learning expedition for them and we were not disappointed. Wait time was less than the stated 5 min. The first thing I noticed that was different was that there was no guide on the boat. It is all done with pre-recorded sounds. I was hoping a guide would enter at the end for questions as we went through the greenhouse but no. Still overall a super experience.

The children had questions for us about fish farming that they had never heard of or seen, the hydroponics and the aeration farming. They saw eggplants, lemons and bananas growing in ways they had never seen before. The over use of the land section was also very good in how we need to use the land we have to the best of our abilities and science can help us do that with natural pesticides such as bugs.

We looked at Soaring as we excited the ride but the stand-by time was still 2 hours and the fast passes were gone for the day. So, we headed to The Circle of Life movie. Warning! This movie is LOUD! My daughter who is hard of hearing in some ways is extra sensitive in other frequencies. The movie was very painful for her and she was happy when it was over. She sat with her head in her hands through the whole movie.

The message of the movie is good but can get lost on young children. We sat and talked after the movie what it was really about. The section about building the dam and how it hurts the rest of the animals and people down river was lost on our children. They thought they were building swimming pools because the animals were swimming in the dam. But, again love the message.

Well, we exhausted what we could do in The Land so onto the Imagination Pavilion. We started with the Figment ride. Here is my disclaimer – I loved the old Figment ride and the Dream Finder. We still sing the song at our house from time to time although my children have never been on that version of the ride. Anyways,… We went on the Figment ride. There was no line and no waiting. By now it was 6:30 pm and most people had exited to the World Showcase.

You entered Figment through the corporate offices. You ride in big red cars that comfortably hold a family of 6. We had 4 but they let us ride in two separate cars as there was no one behind us. You travel through the Imagination labs. They talk about sound, sight, taste and smell in using your imagination. The dark room with the train sounds (very loud) may scare little ones or any who don’t like being in complete darkness. Most of the ride is bright colored and held my childrens’ attention well. When we reached the end there is an imagination area where you can play with sound on a touch sensitive floor, conduct an orchestra changing volumes and speeds or add your picture to a postcard to send home and morph it into a new animal. We did my son into a tiger and sent it to our e-mail for him to open when we got home. When we reached the end the children wanted to go again and again. Because it was so late in the day we just kept walking out the exit and back around to the front again.

This is also home to Honey I Shrunk the Audience. Though we have done this in the past we did not have time to do this on this trip. It was now 7:00 pm and they were closing the pavilions in Future World. We sat and watched the upside down waterfalls outside the Imagination Pavilion (the water shoots up instead of flowing down) and the jumping water. With the beautiful colored lights for Christmas this was a great spot to sit and rest and reflect on all we had done so far that day. We had popcorn and drinks and the kids played for 20 minutes. It is sometimes these little quiet moments with no other people around that make us realize how wonderful Walt Disney World can be.

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