The Land – Sunshine Seasons

Trip Report – December 7,  2008

We were in need of a late lunch early dinner. On our way into The Land we stopped at the Garden Grill to see if we could get walk up seating or reservation. There was nothing for a few hours so we chose to eat downstairs at Seasons. We had heard great things about this counter service restaurant and were eager to try it.

The restaurant is separated into several different areas to order food from. There is a Chinese food area, a sandwich and salad area, a comfort food area and a regular fast food area. We all ended up choosing the Chinese food. The kids meals all came with one entree and rice with a side. Both children chose sweet and sour chicken with white rice and broccoli. I really wished they had brown rice and the broccoli had been cooked a bit more. It was almost raw and both children only ate a few bites. Both of adults had the sweet and sour chicken and the pepper beef.

The best part of the meal was that they had chocolate soy milk for my son who has a milk allergy. He was very excited by this. He also has an allergy to food colorings so finding drinks he can have is always a plus. So often he ends up drinking water or soda (Sprite) in the parks and nothing else.

Though our meal was adequate it was not delicious nor something we would order again. The food was served tepid at best and was all rather bland even with plenty of soy sauce on the food. Both children who are fairly adventurous eaters asked that we not go back there again. We all decided if we do we may try the sandwiches or the rotisserie chicken. We will have to see on our next trip April if our review of this area stands.


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