A Day at Magic Kingdom

Trip Report – December 8, 2008
We spent the second day of our two day trip to WDW at Magic Kingdom. We arrived right at 9:00 am and were in the first parking lot. We drove rather than take the buses because we needed to leave for Miami early in the afternoon. We entered Magic Kingdom and the double-decker bus was right at the entrance loading for a drive down Main Street.  In all our trips this was something we had never done so we decided to have a ride. It was fun! Many times at WDW we are in such a hurry that we do not take the time to slow down and enjoy all the little details that Disney puts into the parks.
I think today we learned our greatest lesson ever about WDW. Failure to plan really can bring down a day quickly.  We had a super morning and were cruising the parks really quickly then we hit in the early afternoon Fantasyland. It was like walking into a wall of people the minute we turned the corner by Cosmic Ray’s. Up until this point the longest wait time was 10 minutes on any ride other than Space Mountain which was 20.
Every ride in Fantasyland was 25- 40 minute waits or 2 hours later for fast passes. We were nearing the end of our day and really did not have time to spend waiting in line. But, we allowed the children to pick the one ride with the shortest wait time – Pooh’s Honeypots which was posted at 20 minutes when we got in line. At 15 minutes dear son – who had a GAC card (he is autistic and we requested an alternate wait space for him) that we did not use because we thought we could talk him through 20 minutes started a mini meltdown. By 30 minutes he could really not hold on any longer and by 45 minutes everyone knew there was a serious problem. We could not take him out as it really was not his fault and he really wanted to ride the ride.  The cast member at the head of the line was less than helpful when we told her so she would know that the posted time was 20 minutes and we had been in line 45.   She told us, “That is why you should use fast passes.” Ughhh.
But, as we rode dearest son calmed down and we headed out of the park. We realized we were in a bad mood from all that had just happened and tried to put it in perspective against how wonderful the rest of our day had been. What we realized was that we had not used our Disney skills to plan for Fantasyland. That is the one area that can really slow your plans down if you are not careful.  We are going to tame Fantasyland on our next trip!  Let’s see how that goes.

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