Epcot – Spaceship Earth, The Cooling Station and Living With the Seas


Trip Report – December 7, 2008

We were in Epcot (christened Apricot by my daughter when she was 2) by 3:15 pm. This was perfect. Most of Future World (the front section of Epcot) really starts to empty out by then as people head to the countries to explore and have dinner. This creates much shorter lines at rides in Future World.

We walked to Spaceship Earth (aka The Bible Ride- look for the monks writing the Bible) and walked right in. We had been able to ride a soft opening for this ride last Winter when it was still undergoing renovations. Even from then the ride has changed quite a bit! Make sure you you are all looking up at the camera as you start your journey up the hill. This ride is very slow moving but you do turn around and ride backwards laying almost on your back on the way back to “Spaceship Earth.” This really bothered my son. He wanted to get out of the car right then. For those who have children with space issues, dark ride issues or some sensory problems this is good to know.

At the end of the ride there is an area to explore where you can see the postcards made of you while you were on the ride and you can send it to yourself at home and friends so have those e-mail addresses memorized or on a small slip of paper! You can spend quite a bit of time in here but my suggestion is that if you have only a short amount of time in the parks (as we did) to only look and go on to the next item on your agenda.

The Cooling Station was our next stop. Though this is not a ride or an attraction it was one of the things that my children remembered from several years ago and really wanted to do on this trip. It is a Coca-Cola store with a drink station in the center. You are allowed to sample Coca-Cola drinks from around the world. Some are very good, some, well you have to have the right taste buds for them. But, we all loved trying each one and each found at least one favorite. Mine had a lemony/honey taste, while my daughter loved the watermelon one. Dear son liked the ginger which really surprised me as it was not at all sweet. After spending 5-10 minutes tasting and talking about flavors from around the world and why they are all different we headed off.

The last few times we have been at WDW Epcot has been undergoing major renovations. Because of that and the ages of our children we had not spent any real time at all in Future World. So all the rides were going to be almost new for us.

We started at The Living Seas. We walked through the long winding path to get to the front of the ride for Finding Nemo. Along the way I was able to show the children some of the ride’s ambiance. The fences along the path look like drift wood, the waves sound like they are crashing all around you and there are nautical signs and objects on the walls. Disney really tries to make your waiting time part of the experience. As we were just walking through and there was no line I wanted to take a few minutes to point out some of this to the children. I also took note of how long the que was for this ride and how I could not imagine waiting in a line that long.

You enter your clam shell for a telling of the Nemo story. It reminded my very much of Peter Pan or Pooh’s Honey Pots. Most of the story was in the dark with neon painted figures telling the story although you were able to glimpse into the aquarium tank at one point were the images were projected. My children 5 and 8 enjoyed the ride but really did not want to do it again right away as they do with some of their favorite rides.

Turtle Talk with Crush was a different story. They LOVED it. They thought Crush was great and that he actually interacts with children made this all more special. All the children sit up front on the floor though our son had to sit in back with us as being in a close space as that with lots of other children would have put him over the edge. Using similar technology as The Laugh Floor in Magic Kingdom Crush asks children questions and at the end they are allowed to ask Crush questions. Depending on the child and the questions this really is a funny show.

This show exits back into the aquarium. There is a small children’s play area, a place to view the aquarium and of course a gift shop that you must walk through to exit the building. From Living with the Seas we went to Living with the Land. We were starving now and in desperate need of a late lunch.

So next we will head to The Land.


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