A Quick Trip to WDW – Getting Started


Trip Report – December 11 & 12, 2008

We decided on a Friday, December 8th that we wanted to go to WDW on Monday. We called and were able to get a room at the All Star Music resort for $73 (AAA discount). Now we usually avoid these rooms the first full week in December as this is the time that the Pop Warner Football and Pop Warner Cheerleader competitions are held. But, as we were only staying one night we thought it would be just fine.

We arrived at 2:00 pm and were able to check into our room. We were in the Broadway section of All-Star Music on the first floor. We arrived in our room to find a cute towel Christmas tree hanging in our window (picture above) and towels laid out in the shape of Mickey Mouse on the bed. The kids were thrilled and we were happy to be able to check right into our room.

We changed quickly and drove over to Epcot (aka Apricot in our family). We drove as sometimes the bus pick up, if you are not there at the exact right time, can take up to 20 minutes. With a limited amount of time we wanted to make the most of every second we had in the parks.

We parked and walked over to the park entrance. Normally there are trams running to and from the parking lot but as we were able to park so close this day because of low attendance the tram was not running. We went through the bag check lines. There is a line for people to go through without any bags (this includes camera cases, diaper bags, etc…). Then there are tables with a security guard on the end to look through your bags. You may line up on BOTH sides of the table. People sometimes do not realize this and a long line is created for no reason. Also, having your bags open and unzipped as you approach the table will greatly speed things up. Yes, they really want you to open every little pocket.

The first thing we needed to do after this was to go to Guest Relations and get a Guest Access Card (GAC) for our son. This card lets Cast Members (CMs) know that a guest has special needs and how they can best help them fully enjoy WDW. In our case dearest son has Aspergers Syndrome/Autism and waiting in crowded, enclosed spaces can often bring on a full blown meltdown in short order. We only use it when absolutely necessary but are grateful that we can use a wheelchair or other entrance if needed. This card does not allow us to cut down on wait time and is only for a select number of your party but it really is a God send to those of us who could not even enjoy the parks without it.

We line up to put our passes in the gate and head to head into Epcot.


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